Vision Statement
The Lusk District Neighborhood Association, ("Association"), is an association comprised of individuals who own property, reside or work within the Lusk Street area, and have an interest in the improvement and development of this area.  This Association and its members have formed to create a common voice and vision for the area, and to work with local government entities and property owners to advance the goals and vision the Association has for the Lusk District.  The Association visions a future state where the Lusk District is an exciting place to live, work, learn, innovate and play; where future developments build upon and leverage existing amenities (local businesses and employers, City parks, Boise River and Greenbelt, Boise State University and proximity to Downtown Boise) and where local government entities recognize area potential and encourage thoughtful development through increased public investment in infrastructure and public amenities.

The Lusk District Neighborhood Association, ("Association") will exist to provide a forum for individuals who own property, work, or reside within the area, to gather and freely and openly discuss the area, its current state and a desired future state.  Members of the Association will have the opportunity to participate in the formulation of a vision and a plan for the area.  This vision and plan will be a living document that will serve as the framework for the Association's formal actions such as but not limited to: positions in support of or opposition to proposed developments, requests for grants or public investment in the public infrastructure and area amenities, requests of proposed developments for plan alterations, response to proposed City codes, ordinances or master plans which impact the area, etc.  Informally the Association and its meeting may also serve as catalyst and venue for individuals within the area to meet, socialize and foster networking among neighbors.


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